About Michael Beh

Hi, I am Michael Beh Kea Chang.

Some people would say I am a workaholic. Even if this is correct, a workaholic will still be interested to go for tour and enjoy travel, right? :)

I am a marine engineer by profession, but working in various manufacturing plants during majority of my courier time. I had ever once become a tourist guides in Malaysia and tour leader to few different country.

With all the different type of travel modes, may it be business or leisure trip, I finally concluded that FIT (Free Individual Traveler) is a more preferred mode to me. This become more true after I meet my travelling partner who speaks the same language at the same frequency too.

In this blog, I am going to share my experience in various trips. Some of them happen in the past, some are present and the future will be coming too.

Be with me and enjoy your stay here....

Michael Beh
(you can call me Michael, or Beh or Michael Beh)

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