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2017 May 12: From Greymouth, via Frenz Josef and Fox Galacier to Queenstown

A clearer view of the environment and the caravan we stayed over night. Thank to the host letting us sharing their hall, which has large glass door facing the green, what a great living environment.
View of another caravan in the Bush
This is the Caravan we stayed in

Our Host's house withlarge glass door facing the green

The garden outside the host's house
Leaving home stayed and drive to Shanty Town. This is a town constructed in the 1970s with 30 re-created historical building. It will provide a feel of the 19th century Gold-mining town. On arrival, we were too early and the attraction was not opened yet. This is only planned to be an add-on and thus we decide to continue our journey without entering it. If you are interested, this will be the link thatt you can check out on your tour plan.

Main Gate of the Shanty Town 
As we drove along, the scenery was beautiful, but there are not many places that we can stop to take picture. This normally happen when we copme close to farm side or sometimes just by the entrance to the small pathway of the farm. The only thing we can do is drive slowly and so sorry that not too many pictures of the scenery can be shared.
Beutiful color beside a toilet stop

This is where the caravan driver carry out their cleaning

Unique roadside letter box by the farm
Our car stop by the farm entrance for short while to take picture

Toilet with beautiful painting on its wall
Arriving to Franz Josef Glacier visitor centre. It is a small activity centre where you can buy a lot of activity packages. For sure you would need time to go for such activities too.The main road is passing through the town centre and one end of the road goes across a small stream, which as the entrance to the Franz Josef Glacier Walk.

Starting point of Frenz Josef Glacier Walk

After a short walk through the Frezn Josef Glacier Walk, we continue our way towards the next stop, Fox Glacier.
Scenary of the State Highway
On the State highway

In the car on the State highway :)
Used to be Snow White, but Drifted
Note the Road sign: Give Way to the coming car due to single lane
This is not too long a distance to travel and only one toilet stop available by road side. We found a traditional toilet in the beautiful country. :)

Traditional Toilet?
Then we finally arrive at this little township of Fox Glecier. This seems to be smaller and less developed as compare to Frez Josef Glacier. The walk towards the mountain foot that we can see ice and snow is very long distance, may be due to the warmer weather which shortened the length of accumulated snow.

Township of Fox Glacier

A last snap of photo before leaving Fox Glacier
The journey continue from Fox Glacier toward Queenstown in at high level of altitude and the scenary along 4 to 5 hours drive on the state highway is different from other parts of our journey. We drive through the Lake Wanaka on our right and Lake Wakea on our left.

We heard about the Cardona Bra Fence just before we start our trip to New Zealand. So we did plan to pay a visit if time is allowed, and today, it came to our surprice that I noticed the marker I put on the Maps.Me apps showing that we are driving pass by. So as time is allowed now, we decide to have a phot-stop here. As this fence is at Cardona, so the local call it the Bradona.

I heard this site was started by a lady who came over here for a visit and decide to take picture on the beautiful scenary. She like the scene so much and without people around, she decided to take a topless picture. Her bra was then left over on the fence. It was then followed by other ladies and this slowly accumulated over time. This was started sometimes in 1998 or 1999.

Regardless of what we heard, there are two school of thought, there are people who welcome this as attraction, but there are others that view it as an eyesore and embarassment.

She is so excited with the Bras
On arriving to Queenstown, thanks to the bookmark on Maps.Me which I marked on, we found Ms. Pauline's "Nice Quite Tidy House" easily. As the name implies, it is nice, quite and tidy. Pauline was not at home when we arrived, and we follow her instruction and get into our room just like going back to our own home .... piece of cake! And below are the view of our home for the next three days.
You can click this link to book a hotel in Queenstown.

Arrival to Queenstown was comparatively early. We noted a Chinese restaurant Ale House nearby our home here and decide to have a Chinese meal that we had missed for few days.:))

A 10 minutes drive to Queenstown City center to feel its night life after meal was what we did that night after the satisfactory meal of our traditional taste.

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A clearer view of the environment and the caravan we stayed over night. Thank to the host letting us sharing their hall, which has large gl...