Friday, July 14, 2017

My favorite Offline GPS

Thanks to the new technology development, travelling becomes so easy in this new era. One of the most powerful development is the GPS (Global Positioning System) in various smart phone.

Currently, I installed 3 GPS related APPs in my Android mobile phone. They all have their strength and weakness. Among them, one of the most useful APPs when travel overseas that I think worth sharing is an offline GPS system Maps.Me.

You can click on this Maps.Me link to down load it if your are using Android smartphone too. As this is an Offline GPS system, I do not have to worry about availability of WIFI when going overseas.

Please note that after installing this APPs, which serves as the working platform, the individual maps has to be downloaded separately into your smartphone. This is important as I did face a few friends who had installed the APP and then find out the map is not available after they went overseas. Of course by then they were advised to look for some WIFI and download the map accordingly.

In my normal practice, I use to download the map of the country I plan to visit inside this Maps.Me APP. Then I will check through various resources including various travel books or magazine and then mark the sites that I plan to go inside the map.

In some cases, because of the language used in the open map system which is used by Maps.Me, it may be not easy to search for a site (this is in continuous improvement by the Maps.Me team). Under this condition, I used to search for the site at Google Map and then mark it in Maps.Me.

It is good to have different color of bookmarks available and I used to try marking different category of sites with different color (example: Restaurant, Transport, Attraction and etc). This helps in giving me an idea on what is the bookmark when I am on the trip.

I had been using this Maps.Me App for years and feel satisfy with it in Malaysia, Singapore, New Zealand, China, Japan, France, Natherland and some other countries. Thus decide to recommend it to all travelers like me.

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